Some of Our Cats

Grand Champion, National Winner, JADON GEOFFREY BEENE, D.M., was CFA's Best Cat in 1992. Geoffrey was the first Black produced by Jadon after years of producing top quality Creams and, ironically, he is our best known cat. (This photo was taken in April 1993, a year after his campaign!) Blank Photo of Geoffrey Beene

Photo of Bubba BlankGrand Champion, Grand Premier, National Winner, JADON BASKIN-ROBBINS was CFA's Best Cat in Premiership in 1995. He is the sire of Geoffrey Beene.

CFA's Best Kitten for the 1997-98 show season was Grand Champion, National Winner JADON POTOMAC OF KENKAT, D.M. Very happy at home with Leah Fowler in Bellingham, Washington, "Mac" has sired 16 grands so far with several more promising kittens starting their show careers. Mac's DM title was achieved before his fourth birthday, over an 18-month period!BlankPhoto of Mac

Photo of Classy Blank Donna, Leah and Susan with GC/NW KENKAT 1STCLASS UPGRADE OF JADON -- one of Potomac's winning offspring. Pictured here at 3 months, "Classy" fulfilled our hopes of a fabulous kitten career in achieving the award of CFA Best Kitten for the 2000-2001 show season!

"Classy" at National Capital show, where she was highest scoring kitten.Photo of Classy Blank

Photo of Flip Blank Grand Champion, National Winner JADON COMEFLY WITH ME OF KENKAT has followed successfully in the footsteps of her mother and grandfather by becoming CFA's Best Kitten for the 2001-2002 season. A three-generation first, as well as a promising start for her father, GC/NW Goliada Godric Gryffindor of Jadon! Our endless thanks to Nancy and Michael Petersen and to Leah Fowler for this possibility!

We are so proud of Comefly With Me's younger sister, GC, NW JADON FLYIN HIGH OF GOLIADA , who earned Highest Scoring Longhair Kitten honors at the 2002 CFA International Show, and finished the season as CFA's 8th Best Kitten. "Peep" is co-owned with Michael and Nancy Petersen. We know Michael would have been so pleased to share in the moment! His presence is truly missed. Blank Photo of Peep

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