For the 1997-98 show season, CFA's Best Kitten was GC, NW Jadon's Potomac, a blue male bred and shown by Donna Cook and her daughter Susan Cook Henry. Subsequent to being shown as a kitten, "Mac" was sold to Leah Fowler in Washington state.

Several times during the year Japanese businessman Suehiro Tanaka is asked to provide an exhibit of cats at one of Tokyo's largest department stores. Mr. Tanaka often invites winning cats from the United States to be a part of the exhibit. The owners are flown to Japan with their cats as guests of Mr. Takaka. In April, 1999, "Mac", Donna, Susan and Leah were fortunate enough to be invited to Japan as the guests of Mr. Tanaka.

Our trip lasted a week and we found it fascinating. It was the first time either Susan or Leah had been to Japan and Donna had not been there in many years. Click on the decorative Japanese door below and see some of the many photos Susan took while in Japan.

Decorative Japanese Door
Come on in ...