During the past year our breeding program has concentrated on outcrossing to the Abyssinian, in order to strengthen the genepool. Tigrina F-2 (hybrid) Ocicats are currently in other breeder programs. Purebred Ocicats and Abyssinian kittens are currently available.

Pictured below are some examples of our breeding program.


Ch Lord Khalvin
Ch. Lord Khalvin of Tigrina, a Tawny spotted Ocicat male, was our first sire. He is 12 years old and has retired, leaving "Vincent" in charge.

GC Tigrina's Starry Night
GC Tigrina's Starry Night, D.M. (A.K.A. - "Vincent") is our top producing male. This Cinnamon Spotted Ocicat has sired 15 grands to date. This is a photo of him at 8 months of age.

Another Photo of Vincent
"Vincent" at 8 years of age with Michele.

More Males

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