GC, RW Tigrina's Hot Shot

GC, RW Tigrina's Hot Shot is a dynamic, eye-catching cat who sets the standard for Cinnamon Spotted Ocicats. He was a regional winner and National Best of Color winner during the 1996-97 show year. He was Best Ocicat and Highest Scoring Ocicat at the CFA International Cat Show in November 1996. Another Photo of Hot Shot The highlight of his career was at the Southern Region Celebration Show where he was awarded the Linda Swope Memorial Award for being the highest scoring shorthair in show.

GC, RW Tigrina's Johnie Walker
GC, RW Tigrina's Johnnnie Walker, Cinnamon Spotted Ocicat. During the 1994-1995 show season he was a regional winner and Best of Color nationally.

GC, GP Tigrina's Kentucky Gentleman
GC, GP Tigrina's Kentucky Gentleman, now roams the house as a retired statesman. He was our first Chocolate Grand Champion.

Ch Tigrina's Beefeater
Ch Tigrina's Beefeater, an "ebony" Silver Spotted Ocicat Male and Sire of Tigrina's Gibson, is an excellent example of a Black Spotted Silver. Beef has contriuted to many silver breeding programs and now resides with Nancy & Jerry Payne in Florida.

Ch Tigrina's Gibson
GC Tigrina's Gibson, a Cinnamon Silver Ocicat Male, ws the first CFA Grand Champion Male of his Color and a National Color Winner. His female offspring reside in the Cattery and are part of the breeding program.

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